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Dude Abides

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Dude Abides
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Dude Abides

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Title: Dude Abides
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Cathleen Falsani, Secher Allen and Allen Secher
Narrated by Secher Allen and Allen Secher
Length: 6 hrs. 39 min.


Fans of the eccentric and edgy films of the Coen brothers know there's more going on in their films than meets the eye. Award-winning author and columnist Cathleen Falsani is the perfect guide for Coen fans, inviting them to take a deeper look at the popular films, from their debut Blood Simple to the recent Burn After Reading and all the strange and wonderful films in between.

Falsani looks at the deeper meanings that can be mined from each quirky and enduring Coen film, including such cult favorites as Fargo, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and No Country for Old Men. With a journalist's keen analysis, she unpacks the theological, mythological, ethical, and philosophical content. Readers will discover that the critically acclaimed Coen brothers speak to eternal questions with darkly intelligent humor.

Coen fans, churched and unchurched of all faiths or none, will find in this book a spirited, thoughtful conversation with a good friend (who happens to be a film buff). Readers will appreciate this examination of the intersection of popular culture and spirituality.

ISBN: 9780310773450

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