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Men and Women

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Men and Women
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Men and Women

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Title: Men and Women
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Larry Crabb and Dick Hill
Narrated by Larry Crabb and Dick Hill
Length: 7 hrs. 7 min.


What does it take to get along for a lifetime? Men and women share a deadly problem that kills good relating. The problem is this: we are committed, first of all, to ourselves. Each of us, without blushing, holds fast to an overriding concern for our own well-being.

Sharing people's stories and personal anecdotes, Crabb explores how we can turn away from ourselves and toward each other, how we can become what he calls "other-centered."

In Men and Women, Dr. Crabb maintains that men and women are different in important ways that, if understood and honored, can lead to a deep enjoyment of one another, an enjoyment that can last forever.

ISBN: 9780310337072

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