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Counter-Cultural Paradigmatic Leadership

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Counter-Cultural Paradigmatic Leadership
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Counter-Cultural Paradigmatic Leadership

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Counter-Cultural Paradigmatic Leadership
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Author: Gary K G Choong


In Counter-Cultural Paradigmatic Leadership Gary Choong challenges the reader to consider the mind-set, motive, and manner of leadership in any Asian setting that is suffused with contemporary practices of paternalistic authority. It provides a counter-cultural paradigm shift for the Christian leader who desires to honor God with mind and heart based on a biblical, moral foundation and to lead with character, biblical core values, and a commitment to further the cause of Christ. The counter-cultural paradigms and practices of integrity, humility, and empowerment address the ills of contemporary paternalistic authority such as didactic leadership, guarding and building of reputation, protection of dominance, autocratic control, nepotism, cronyism, ambivalence, lack of accountability, overstaying one's effectiveness, and underestimating one's subordinates. This counter-cultural paradigmatic Christian leadership deals first with the Christian leader's character and spiritual formation over a lifetime; second, it seeks to influence and impact team members toward biblical coherence and congruence in discipleship, team ministry, and leadership development; third, it encourages the leader to consider ways to address organizational behavioral dysfunctions, and hence organizational coherence, congruence, and effectiveness, particularly with a view toward leadership succession and organizational significance.
ISBN: 9781498269995

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