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Intentional Faith

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Intentional Faith by Allen Jackson...

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Audio Book

Intentional Faith

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Intentional Faith
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Allen Jackson
Narrated by Allen Jackson
Length: 3 hrs. 29 min.


Megachurch pastor Allen Jackson invites listeners on a 100-day adventure of experiencing God through ten biblical practices that will reignite their faith and transform their lives.

Many Christians experience low points in their faith, times when their spiritual lives have grown cold, stagnant, or routine. They feel frustrated and are desperate to reconnect with God. Yet encouragement alone is not enough. We need God's power to bring transformation, and we need specific tools and a focused intent to know the Lord. Drawing upon years of pastoral ministry and his own experience, Allen Jackson has developed a 100-day plan organized around ten declarations of intent, including: 

  • I intend to grow;
  • I intend to read the Gospels;
  • I intend to pray daily;
  • I intend to honor God in my home; and
  • I intend to work with integrity.

A simple investment of twenty minutes a day will create an unstoppable momentum in listeners' lives. Their hearts will be opened to new possibilities with God where his purposes unfold and the fruit of his rewards are found. 

ISBN: 9781400217274

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