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Primer on the Book of Daniel

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Primer on the Book of Daniel
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Primer on the Book of Daniel

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Primer on the Book of Daniel
Publisher: Resource Publications
Author: Ted Noel


The Common Market is going to be the kingdom of the Antichrist! Jesus will return within 40 years of the creation of the state of Israel in 1948! The Battle of Armageddon will come when the Soviet Union invades Israel over oil! Those newspaper mileposts passed and the Soviet Union fell. The faithful Christian has his faith shaken every time prophetic teaching based on the New York Times fails. Critics have a field day with each wrong interpretation. Then a new theory that fits the daily news better than the last one pops up. Each time, the sensational new speculation fails. Could it be that prophecy writers are listening to CNN more than to God? When a careful Christian reads a scholarly work, it can be about as interesting as reading the telephone book. Scholars do great research, but their books generally are written to other scholars, not to the rest of us. Isn't there a better choice? You're holding it. A Primer on the Book of Daniel is designed for you. It's written in your language, not the almost-foreign jargon of the scholar. At the same time, it's drawn from the work of scholars who have studied the Bible carefully for years. Their work has been assembled and translated so you can understand what the Bible says when it's allowed to interpret itself. Using plain language, Daniel gets to explain himself.
ISBN: 9781498270342

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