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Handle With Care!

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Handle With Care!
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Handle With Care!

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Handle With Care!
Publisher: Resource Publications
Author: Julian Kennedy


God's good gift of sexuality and how to use it for His glory and our good has been corrupted since the creation of the world. Sex between unmarried (fornication), adultery, divorce and remarriage, and homosexuality are accepted as normal in modern society and young people, even Christian young people, are being influenced by this Satanic lie that "if it feels good--do it!" This booklet is sent out with the prayer that it will save many young people from heartache and the curse that these serious sexual sins will bring on them. There is the good way, the biblical or reformed way for living chastely as a single person, finding and courting a mate, and marrying and staying faithful to that mate. This booklet has been a long time since inception to publication! First conceived thirty years ago, very few copies of an older version were produced by Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church for young people in Singapore in 2011. The original has been substantially expanded by quotations from Protestant Reformed Church ministers.
ISBN: 9781498240208

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