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Names for Jesus

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Names for Jesus
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Names for Jesus

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Names for Jesus
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Author: Mark G Boyer


There are multiple names given to Jesus in the Bible. Fifty of them are presented in this book, Names for Jesus. In the ancient world, a name had a meaning; in this book's entries one can discover the meaning of a name for Jesus, which often indicates one of his functions as understood by a biblical author. Often, both religious and spiritual people look for some reading material that will guide them through the Advent and Christmas seasons. Here is an ecumenical approach; this book is general enough for any Christian. Each of the entries consists of five parts: 1) the name; 2) a short quotation from Scripture, which contains the name given in the title; 3) a reflection exploring the meaning of the name; 4) a journal/meditation section to help the reader make connections between the reflection and his or her own life; and 5) a short prayer. Anyone can finish the spiritual journey of Advent and Christmas enriched for having spent time with Names for Jesus.
ISBN: 9781532632624

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