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Prayerful Poet

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Prayerful Poet
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Prayerful Poet

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Prayerful Poet
Publisher: Elm Hill
Author: Beverly Stock


Beverly Stock is a feature writer turned poet from St. Louis, Missouri. Noted for her whimsical, thoughtful style, Beverly is passionate about creating work that explores the joys, challenges, and surprises of everyday life. The Prayerful Poet is her first collection of verse. Brimming with joy, wonder, and tenderness, this stirring volume takes inspiration from traditional Christian hymns and classic spiritual works.

Each poem combines Beverly’s poetic adaptations with the time-honored hymnal lyrics and finds fresh meaning in traditional songs of praise. A mixture of grand voices and elegiac laments, The Prayerful Poet engages readers with its hopeful perspective, and is a perfect read for anyone who finds beauty in the divine.

ISBN: 9781400330812

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