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Beyond This Darkness

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Beyond This Darkness
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Beyond This Darkness

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Beyond This Darkness
Publisher: Resource Publications
Author: Ben Pugh and Jason Glover


Beyond this Darkness is a brand new faith-based recovery program. It is not based on 12 steps, though it takes the best of 12-step wisdom and updates it by adding some of the best things that have been tried in addiction therapy since the 1930s. Addiction therapy has moved on a long way since Bill Wilson and his brilliant book. This book seeks to harness these newer insights and wrap them up within a framework that is inspired by some of the most intriguing and liberating insights of the Apostle Paul. All the way through the reader is encouraged by the voices of addicts that have overcome their habit. There is story after story of victory over the most hopeless cases of alcohol, drug, gambling, and porn addiction--and even one case of chocolate chip cookie addiction! In every case, the program tries to identify what has worked and point the way for the reader to shake themselves free of their darkness.
ISBN: 9781498243223

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