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Serpent in Samuel

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Serpent in Samuel

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Serpent in Samuel

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Serpent in Samuel
Publisher: Resource Publications
Author: Brian A Verrett


In this study, Brian A. Verrett argues that 1-2 Samuel contains a serpent motif by practicing biblical theology and literary criticism. This motif derives from the serpent in Genesis 3, and its function within the Samuel narrative is to heighten the reader's anticipation in the coming messiah, who is the son of David and the seed of the woman from Genesis 3:15. This messiah will defeat the serpent and inaugurate his glorious reign over a renewed world. When 1-2 Samuel is read in this way, one appreciates previously unnoticed features of the text, understands aspects of the text that were formerly confusing, and rightly sees that the whole of 1-2 Samuel is a messianic document.
ISBN: 9781725259850

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