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Bible Study Collections

Pre-Selected Collections: download bundles of resources at a discounted price

CD Collections: a bundle of Bible resources on CD


CD Collections for Palm and Pocket PC

These packages come on CDs loaded with Bibles and study tools designed to meet the needs of all Bible readers, from devotional reading to serious study.

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NIV Collection
NIV, Amplified Bible, NLT, KJV and more

Concise Study CD Package
NIV, The Message, KJV, Daily Light, and more

Student's Package
NIV, NRSV and 5 more, plus tools

Catholic Package
NAB with notes and the NRSV

Amplified Package
Amplified Bible, KJV, ASV, and more

Advanced Package
ESV, NLT with notes, KJV with Strong's, and much more

Complete Word Study Package
CWSB, Old and New Testament dictionaries...

NRSV Package
NRSV with deuterocanonical books and more Bibles

Bible Reader's Collection
Eight Bible Versions: NRSV, NLTse, KJV, Amplified...

NKJV Package
NKJV, ASV, Darby's and more

The Message Package
Paraphrased translation along with six other Bible versions

Original Languge Tools Collection
UBS Handbooks, Little Kittel, K & D, Eerdman's and more

Teacher's Package
Extensive collection including over 25 Bible resources

Bible Study Tools Package
KJV with Strong's numbers, TSK, Dictionaries, Commentaries ...

BibleReader™ Software Makes It All Happen

Hundreds of thousands of Bibles and study tools from Olive Tree Bible Software have been downloaded by handheld users all over the world.

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  • Split screen feature allows users to view up to three versions at one time.
  • Verse locking feature allows synchronized scrolling of versions simultaneously.
  • Verse chooser allows quick and easy navigation throughout the scriptures.
  • Cross references are available for finding comparable texts.
  • Highlighting, underlining, and text bolding make it easy to mark specific words or passages.
  • Topical bookmarks allow users to create lists of their favorite verses and arrange them by category or topic for future reference.
  • Personal notes allow users to create their own personal annotations for individual verses.
  • Word and phrase search allows users to quickly find all occurances of a particular word or phrase. This valuable tool also allows the user to set the parameters of the search to fine tune what tehy are looking for and where they would like to find it.
  • Daily reading schedules allow users a variety of options for systematicall reading through the entire Bbile over the course of a year.
  • Bible maps, multimedia, original languages, daily devotionals, eBooks, commentaries, and Bible dictionaries are also available from Olive Tree.

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