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Amplified Bible - AMP

Amplified Bible - AMP

The Amplified Bible is a distinctive English translation that was made to uncover—in addition to the most precise Greek/Hebrew single word equivalents—the diverse shades of meaning that are a part of words in any language. This allows the reader to become aware of the whole spectrum of what a Hebrew or Greek listener would intuitively know—the whole sp… Read more…

New English Translation - NET Bible with Full Notes

New English Translation - NET Bible with Full Notes

The New English Translation, or NET Bible®, is a unique Bible translation, with extensive notes explaining choices made by the translators and amplifying on biblical terms and concepts. A modern translation based entirely on the original languages of the Bible, the NET Bible® has been updated and revised, and is now available as the First Edition. Inclu… Read more…

King James Version - KJV - with Strong

King James Version - KJV - with Strong's Numbers

The King James Version (KJV) is an English translation of the Holy Bible, commissioned for the benefit of the Church of England at the behest of King James I of England. First published in 1611, it has had a profound impact not only on most English translations that have followed it, but also on English literature as a whole. The KJV with Strong's Numb… Read more…

New American Standard Bible - NASB - with Strong

New American Standard Bible - NASB - with Strong's Numbers

A modern revision of the American Standard Version of 1901, which is still respected for its accuracy, the New American Standard Bible (NASB) conforms closely to the original Greek and Hebrew but keeps the reader in mind when it comes to readability. The NASB has enjoyed wide use and honor since it first entered the public in 1971. Olive Tree’s version u… Read more…

Complete Word Study Bible - CWSB (4 Volume Set)

Complete Word Study Bible - CWSB (4 Volume Set)

by Eugene E. Carpenter, Warren Baker and Spiros Zodhiates

The Bible’s initial languages of Greek and Hebrew are available for you with the Complete Word Study Bible by AMG—a landmark work of forty six years of scholarship by its editor, Dr. Spiros Zodhiates. This set of resources equips any dedicated Bible reader to go deeper into God’s word via study of the Greek and Hebrew Languages. KJV with Stron… Read more…

New King James Version with Strong

New King James Version with Strong's - NKJV Strong's

The New King James Version is now available with Strong's numbers! About the NKJV Bible: Based on the same Hebrew and Greek texts used by the translators of the masterful and time-honored King James Version of 1611, the New King James Version, or NKJV, attempts to update the language of its predecessor while preserving its faithfulness to the truth and i… Read more…

Holman Christian Standard Bible - HCSB with Strong

Holman Christian Standard Bible - HCSB with Strong's Numbers

The popular Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) is now available with Strong's Numbers, a powerful Bible study tool. About the HCSB translation: One hundred scholars collaborated to produce this new translation, one which they envisioned not as a revision of earlier English translations, but as something completely original, derived directly… Read more…

Almeida Revista e Atualizada com  os números de Strong

Almeida Revista e Atualizada com os números de Strong

[Português] Almeida Revista e Atualizada (RA): Bíblia Sagrada, traduzida por João Ferreira de Almeida, Edição Revista e Atualizada (1959, 1993) com os números de Strong. James Strong designou um número para cada uma das palavras originais da Bíblia e associou esse número a cada termo traduzido na Bíblia King James (KJV, King James Version, t… Read more…

Exhaustive Dictionary of Bible Names

Exhaustive Dictionary of Bible Names

by Stelman Smith and Judson Cornwall

Every name of a person or place in the Bible has a meaning. Names are so important that God changed the names of Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, and Jacob to Israel. Jesus changed Simon's name to Peter. Saul (which means "demanded") became Paul (which means "little"). In many cases, the meaning of the name of a person in the Bible reflects the actions an… Read more…

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American Standard Version - ASV

American Standard Version - ASV

This translation is rooted in the work that was done with the Revised Version (RV). In 1870, an invitation was extended to American religious leaders for scholars to work on the Revised Version project. A year later, 30 scholars were chosen by Phillip Schaff. These scholars began work in 1872. In 1901, The American Standard Version (ASV) was published. I… Read more…

So Long, Insecurity

So Long, Insecurity

by Beth Moore

Perhaps one of the biggest issues all women face is their own insecurity. Beth Moore, one of today’s most admired and trusted Christian writers, wants women to be free from the insecurity trap. So Long, Insecurity will strike a chord with women everywhere, as Beth speaks truth into the lives of readers, showing them how to deal with their innermost fears, … Read more…

Jesus Calling

Jesus Calling

by Sarah Young

Jesus Calling is a devotional filled with uniquely inspired treasures from heaven for every day of the year. After many years of writing in her prayer journal, missionary Sarah Young decided to listen to God with pen in hand, writing down whatever she believed He was saying to her. It was awkward at first, but gradually her journaling changed from monologu… Read more…

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