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Bible Study Standard Edition - NRSV

For The Bible Study App

Bible Study Standard Edition - NRSV

Enhanced for Bible Study using the Resource Guide

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Bible Study Standard Edition - NRSV

For The Bible Study App


Publisher: Olive Tree
Publisher: Olive Tree

The Bible Study Standard Edition - NRSV includes:
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The Bible Study Standard Edition - NRSV provides you with the tools you need for an introduction into deeper Bible study. The HarperCollins Study Bible Notes illuminates the New Revised Standard Version with maps, charts, introductions, and more. Other commentaries further expand your understanding of the biblical world. The included Bible dictionaries, another essential study tool, shed light on difficult words and concepts. Cross-references help you discover other passages that speak to what you are reading. Finally, Bible maps let you explore the landscape and geography of biblical regions.

All of these wonderful resources are designed to be integrated into the Resource Guide within The Bible Study App for a seamless and easy-to-use Bible study experience. The Bible Study Expanded Edition is uniquely designed to enhance and encourage your Bible study.

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The Bible Study Standard Edition is also available for the following translations:
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Holman Christian Standard Bible

New International Version

New King James Version

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