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A Short and Easy Method of Prayer

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A Short and Easy Method of Prayer

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A Short and Easy Method of Prayer

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: A Short and Easy Method of Prayer
Publisher: CCEL
Author: Madame Guyon


This little treatise, conceived in great simplicity, was not originally intended for publication: it was written for a few individuals, who were desirous to love God with their whole heart; some of whom, because of the profit they received in reading the manuscript, wished to obtain copies of it; and on this account alone, it was committed to the press.

It still remains in its original simplicity, without any censure on the various Divine Leadings of others: and we submit the whole to the judgment of those who are skilled and experienced in Divine matters; requesting them, however, not to decide without first entering into the main design of the Author, which is to induce the world to love God and to serve Him with comfort and success, in a simple and easy manner, adapted to those who are unqualified for learned and deep researches, and are, indeed, incapable of anything but a hearty desire to be truly devoted to God.

Madame Guyon was born at Montargis in 1647 and died at Blois in 1717. she was educated in a convent and desired to enter a religious order. However her mother opposed to this, forced her to marry Jacques Guyon, twenty two years older than her. At the age of 29 she was a widow and this gave the opportunity to engage into a spiritual quest. She always had an inclination to spiritual things and her difficult marriage and widowhood gave her the ground to deepen her spiritual life.

Madame Guyon wrote extensively, her smallest book -A Short and Easy Method of Prayer- is a classic which has been read and meditated by scores of believers ever since its first publication in 1685. She wrote commentaries on all the books of the Bible 18 volumes, Letters 9 volumes, Poems and Canticles 4 volumes, an autobiography 3 volumes, and many others.

Today her influence is still quite important among those believers who seek a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

This book is sometimes published under the title: Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ.

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