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Continuous Revival

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Continuous Revival
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Continuous Revival

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Continuous Revival
Publisher: CLC Publications
Author: Norman Grubb


The ebook Continuous Revival is Norman Grubb’s "attempt to describe a revolutionary experience in my own life, and in that of many others, regarding the way of continuous revival." This book emerged from Grubb’s experience with missionary C.T. Studd in Rwanda and Uganda in Central Africa. "Revival is really the Reviver in action... not so much a vertical outpouring from heaven... as it is a horizontal outmoving of the Revier" from Christians into the world. In this way, revival is not exclusively the "great and precious hurricanes of the Spirit" but always continues in the hearts and lives of all believers.

After years as a missionary in Africa, Norman Grubb traveled across America and England speaking to Christians. His great message to Christians, centered on Galatians 2:20, was that we are new creations in Christ and are branches of His vine.

ISBN: 9781500001209

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