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A Compassionate Roar

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A Compassionate Roar
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A Compassionate Roar

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: A Compassionate Roar
Publisher: Bridge-Logos
Author: John Anderson


In a climate of pervasive public sin, John O. Anderson, in this compelling book A Compassionate Roar, issues a call to the Church of Christ to stand up for God in this morally toxic environment. The most crucial and compassionate responsibility of the Church is to call our society back to the Lord. It is a true compassion and faithful love, as well as the command of God, that impel us in this duty. Spiritual revival is possible in the midst of moral chaos, but the Church must, in renewed humility and repentence, raise a Biblical and prophetic roar to confront the sins of this society in our God-given "window of mercy."

John O. Anderson has pastored three churches over 24 years. He now travels America and the world with his wife Esther to raise the Church's voice in prayer for revival. The is the author of Cry of the Innocents and The Cry of Compassion.

ISBN: 9781500001063

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