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A Man of God: Essential Priorities for Every Man's Life

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A Man of God: Essential Priorities for Every Man's Life
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A Man of God: Essential Priorities for Every Man's Life

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Title: A Man of God: Essential Priorities for Every Man's Life
Publisher: Crossway
Author: Jack Graham


So let me ask you: Do words like powerful, passionate, successful, and joyful describe your Christian life? Are you living with purpose? Your purpose is the reason God put you here on earth. It’s essential to discover your purpose, but you also need passion because it is the fire that feeds your purpose. Once you know the God-given purpose for your life and you are fired with a holy passion to accomplish it, there isn’t anything the devil can throw at you that will stop you. —Jack Graham

Our families, our churches, and the world need men of God. These are not just men who show up, but men who make strong, loving fathers, spiritual leaders, and teachers of future generations of men. With all the world’s mixed-up messages about what men should do and be, A Man of God by Pastor Jack Graham, filled with solid biblical counsel, is much-needed.

Pastor Graham highlights what it takes to be a man—specifically, to be a man of God. In his straightforward, warm, often humorous manner, he gives men guidance on relating to their wives and leading their families, being good stewards of their financial assets, striving for moral purity, and more. He challenges men to live with purpose and passion—to put Christ first and to live radically for Him.

A Man of God: Essential Priorities for Every Man’s Life reminds us of how important it is to stop and think about our Christian life. Dr. Graham is straightforward about what’s required of disciples and clearly outlines the commitments we must make in our daily walk. He eloquently challenges us to continue to grow in our faith and to be passionate in order to impact others.” —Roger Staubach, Hall of Fame Quarterback, Businessman

“If you talk about a man of God, that’s Jack Graham. I can’t think of a better pastor. As members of First Baptist West Palm Beach, he was instrumental in our growing Christian faith. He is a great father to his children and husband to Deb. Dr. Graham is truly a man of God with every essential priority for every man’s life. We all need that, and to have God in our life. Dr. Graham has written a tremendous book.” —Gary Carter, Baseball Hall of Fame Catcher

“If I or anyone else had any questions about how to lead a Christian life, they are answered in Dr. Graham’s book. I had sometimes wondered after I received another chance at life what I was to do. Jack Graham’s book gave me what I needed to know. A Man of God gave me the perfect prescription of how a man should lead a Christian life.” —Pat Summerall, Sportscaster, Broadcaster

“Jack Graham knows what it takes to be a strong and sturdy man—partially because he is one himself and partially because he leads so many men through his phenomenal ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church. He writes with a sense of what men want to hear, and this often includes illustrations from athletics, business, and the world of competition. No man reading this book will miss its central point: A great life for a man will involve a deep and disciplined commitment to Christ.” —Neil Clark Warren, Psychologist and Founder of eHarmony.com

Jack Graham is Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of America’s largest congregations, in Plano, Texas. He also serves on the executive committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, where he has served two consecutive terms as President. His other books include Life According to Jesus and Diamonds in the Dark.

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