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The Grace of Repentance (Repackaged Edition)

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The Grace of Repentance (Repackaged Edition)
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The Grace of Repentance (Repackaged Edition)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: The Grace of Repentance (Repackaged Edition)
Publisher: Crossway
Author: Sinclair Ferguson and Sinclair B. Ferguson


Out of the Protestant Reformation came several important doctrines, including a renewed understanding of repentance. Instead of viewing repentance as a one-time confession, the reformers began to teach what the Bible teaches—that it is both radical and perpetual. 

In this redesigned, concise volume Sinclair Ferguson examines how the Bible defines repentance and how the doctrine has fared in today’s evangelical churches. He finds many sorely lacking in proper theological understanding: “Once again we need to proclaim the full-orbed doctrine of repentance within an evangelical world that has begun to manifest symptoms of the same medieval sickness.” This reversion to a kind of medieval theology includes the viewing of repentance as an isolated, emotional event. 

Ferguson combats this trend by pointing us toward repentance in the Bible. As we embrace continual confession and turning from sin, we will find our spiritual walk transformed and our fellowship with Christ renewed. This is an important book for every Christian who wants the grace of repentance to regain rightful prominence in evangelical churches. 

ISBN: 9781433519864

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