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NIV True Image Notes: the Bible for Teen Girls

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NIV True Image Notes: the Bible for Teen Girls

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NIV True Image Notes: the Bible for Teen Girls

For The Bible Study App


Publisher: Zondervan
Publisher: Zondervan

If you want to be a True Images girl, take your stand • embrace God's new covenant • be true

Every day, teenage girls are presented with hundreds of images and sound bytes about how they should look, act, think, and talk. With the relentless reach of music, magazines, movies, and media, how can the Bible--a book full of history, poetry, and theology--compete for girls' attention?

The True Images Bible presents the lessons of the timeless New International Version through features that are easy-to-read and interesting to modern teenage girls. Presenting the Bible in a language and format that can relate to the teenage girl, the True Images Bible has:

  • 100 Love Notes from God, bringing the personal messages of God's love for you out of the text
  • 52 Mirror Images Profiles, highlighting the positive and negative roles of the Bible's girls and identifying the traits of a Godly personality
  • 500 Truth or Dare Notes, presenting "jump-in" points through which the reader can instantly dive into the text with a keen understanding of what is already going on
  • 120 In Focus Articles, relating the Bible to a teenage girl's real life issues
  • 300 Genuine Notes, identifying what "true beauty" looks like in the Bible
  • 7 Reading Plans, breaking-down the Bible into manageable parts according to relevant themes
  • 12 True Image Quizzes, finding out about YOUR spiritual gifts, learning what GUYS think about these topics, and discovering YOUR true image
  • And much, much more!

This special notes-only edition does not include the complete Bible text. The NIV Bible can be purchased separately by following the link below.

New International Version Bible: NIV Bible

ISBN: 9780310442844