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Bible Overview

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Bible Overview
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Bible Overview

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Bible Overview
Publisher: Rose Publishing


The Bible Overview provides an excellent summary of every book of the Bible. Naturally divided into Old and New Testaments books, it presents the name of the Book of the Bible, the author, type of writing, where and when it was written, why it was written and the key verse that summarizes the important truth from the Book.

Bible study and understanding becomes easier when believers learn how the Bible is organized and what's important about each Book. Bible Overview shows believers how the Old Testament is divided into the Books of law, history poetry and wisdom, Major Prophets, and Minor Prophets. Similarly, the New Testament has its own collections: Gospels and Acts, Paul's letters, and general epistles and Revelations. Bible Overview provides an introduction and explanation for each of these collections of Books of the Bible.

Bible Overview provides the following information for each Book of the Bible:
    • Who wrote the book
    • What it covers
    • Where it takes place
    • When it was written
    • Why it was written
    • An outline of key events of the Book
    • Topics and chapters
    • The key verse of the Book

ISBN: 9781596365445

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