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Brazos Theological Commentary: Luke (BTC)

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Brazos Theological Commentary: Luke (BTC)
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Brazos Theological Commentary: Luke (BTC)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Brazos Theological Commentary: Luke (BTC)
Publisher: Baker
Author: David Lyle Jeffrey


The Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible (BTCB) enlists leading theologians to read and interpret Scripture for the twenty-first century. In this addition to the well-received series, acclaimed professor of literature David Lyle Jeffrey offers theological exegesis of Luke.

The Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible advances the assumption that the Nicene creedal tradition, in all its diversity, provides the proper basis for the interpretation of the Bible as Christian scripture. The series encourages readers to extend the vital roots of the ancient Christian tradition to our day.

Brazos enlists leading theologians to read and interpret Scripture for today, just as the church fathers, the Reformers, and other orthodox Christians did for their times and places. Each volume is designed to serve the church—providing a rich resource for preachers, teachers, students, and study groups—and demonstrate the continuing intellectual and practical viability of theological interpretation of Scripture.


"The series in which this volume appears shows what is gained when biblical commentaries are written by those who are expert in the related field of theology. In this case the author is also learned not only in biblical studies but also (and primarily) in English literature. The resulting volume thus combines expert knowledge of the usual grist in the commentator's mill with other helpful disciplines. As befits a contributor to the series, he knows well the exegetical and expository history of the interpretation of Luke...The author also makes good use of contemporary commentators...The theological coverage is broad...But in addition to all this there is the bonus of Jeffrey's specialty in literary studies. The outcome is a surprisingly comprehensive approach to the text which pays attention to matters of literary structure that are theologically relevant." - I. Howard Marshall, Expository Times

"Jeffrey is not afraid to grapple with theological controversies occasioned by the text...This book is carefully researched and edited...I highly recommend to a wide ecumenical audience this elegant and religious theological commentary on Luke. It successfully reads the Lucan Gospel 'in the company of the saints and faithful of all ages.'" - William S. Kurz, SJ, Catholic Biblical Quarterlyj

"This unique commentary series interprets the biblical text from a theological perspective in order to open up new vistas of meaning...As a literary critic who is also attuned to biblical interpretation, [Jeffrey] brings a special quality to this task. His approach is to read Luke's Gospel in the company of previous interpreters, ancient and modern. The end result is a beautiful exposition of Luke, blending in patristic comments and snatches of poetry along with medieval and modern interpretations of individual passages in the Gospel. The format of the series does not include the text of the gospel itself, but the reader who follows through with this commentary in hand will be richly rewarded." - Donald Senior, CP, The Bible Today

"[The] Brazos Theological Commentary [on the Bible] has...offered a breath of fresh air to the sometimes stale academic air of commentaries...I have often mined various commentaries, not looking for critical explanation of the text as much as some insight about a particular doctrine that emanates from it. Yet rarely do authors venture deeply into those issues...The Brazos series (Luke in particular) is fundamentally different because these commentaries 'are born out of the conviction that dogma clarifies rather than obscures.' This, of course, does not mean there is no textual criticism--there is plenty--but paired with hard Greek work is also history, tradition, and theology. This makes the commentary not only a nice read, but a helpful tool for the teacher, preacher, scholar, and layperson...Jeffrey's training as a literary scholar shows through in his break down (and reading) of the text...I found this refreshing because in taking a more canonical approach I felt further engrossed in the actual story of Scripture...Jeffrey has a light effervescent style of engaging the text without being trifle. For those responsible for teaching this makes a ready resource for engaging illustrations. This is a great commentary series for its scholarship and unabashed emphasis on how scripture leads us into the sacred story of self-giving love. I would commend David Lyle Jeffrey's volume on Luke in particular for those, especially in ministry, who are looking to dive deeper into the theological power of Luke." - Jordan Kellicut, Englewood Review of Books

"Jeffrey's commentary on Luke makes a shining contribution [to the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible]...He is a distinguished medievalist, a historian of literature and art, and a contributor to scholarship on both the Old and New Testaments. Unequivocal commitment to orthodox Christianity is the unifying thread of his numerous and polymathic writings...his is the rare commentary that has literary merit in its own right...I don't mean simply that this commentary is a joy to read, though that is the case. It is also attentive to the Gospel's use of words and literary devices such as metaphor and irony...Jeffrey not only notices these things, but prepares his reader to do so. . . . Jeffrey is not burdened with the young scholar's craving to be original. His long immersion in Christian interpretation, starting with the church fathers and including Scholastic, Reformation, and modern commentary, equips him for a more generous undertaking...Jeffrey does show originality, of course, in the discernment with which he brings forth from this treasury things new and old. [The commentary] directs the reader to apt literary, iconographic, and artistic appropriations of biblical themes...Readers who wish to have their understanding of Scripture broadened, and their faith increased, will find here the guidance they seek." - Graeme Hunter, Touchstone

"Those accustomed to technical commentaries will find Jeffrey's long, unbroken narratives refreshing...Jeffrey uses footnotes sparingly, and the volume contains a helpful subject and Scripture index. Jeffrey's bibliography of 'frequently cited' works contains both modern scholarship and ancient, writings from medieval times and from the Reformation. The combination provides a bird's-eye view of the historical understanding of Luke. Those who are interested in the church fathers will find this resource helpful. Pastors will find a treasury of ready-made quotations and illustrations from church history already connected to appropriate passages of Scripture." - Jeffrey E. Miller, Bible Study Magazine

David Lyle Jeffrey (PhD, Princeton University) is Distinguished Professor of Literature and the Humanities at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and professor emeritus of English literature at the University of Ottawa. He has written numerous books, including A Dictionary of Biblical Tradition in English Literature, People of the Book, In the Beauty of Holiness, and a commentary on the Gospel of Luke.

ISBN: 9781441236357, 9781441236357

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