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Marriage (Hope for the Heart)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Marriage (Hope for the Heart)
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Marriage (Hope for the Heart)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Marriage (Hope for the Heart)
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Author: June Hunt


This marriage counseling ebook, Marriage: To Have and to Hold explains how to sort out common marriage problems, build healthy communication, and move your relationship in the right direction using practical marriage advice and biblical wisdom.

This Christian marriage ebook is packed with advice for building a healthy perspective of marriage. Get Christian marriage counseling on how to develop sensitivity to your partner's needs, how to celebrate (not just tolerate) differences, and how to build a lasting relationship!

With June Hunt's ebook Marriage, discover—

  • God's purpose, design, and outlook on marriage.
  • The common misconceptions and unrealistic expectations that can sabotage marriages.
  • Practical tips on how to improve your marriage (because it's never too late).
  • The male and female differences that bring balance to marriage relationships.

In this fantastic digital minibook, June Hunt gives practical, Bible-based advice on marriage. Using the marriage relationship of James Dobson (marriage counselor and expert) as an illustrative example, she expertly addresses the challenges, benefits, and misconceptions related to building healthy relationships:

  • In the definition section, June Hunt lays the foundation for truly understanding God's heart toward marriage.
  • She reviews God's purpose for creating marriages and highlights the significance of a "covenant" relationship.
  • In the marriage characteristics section, June Hunt addresses the common roadblocks to having a healthy marriage. She reveals how males and females often hold different expectations and desires in the areas of communication, appreciation, and being understood. By knowing how to balance these differences, marriages can be made stronger.

ISBN: 9781596368958

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