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Book of James

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Book of James
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Book of James

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Book of James
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Author: Publishing Rose


The Book of James digital pamphlet is a perfect overview of one of the most important books of the Bible.

The Book of James digital pamphlet will give you historical and cultural insights into the lives of early Christians living in Jerusalem at at the time that James wrote his letter. The Christians in Jerusalem at that time were Jewish believers, some rich, some poor, some educated, some ignorant. James wrote to help them deal with trials and temptations, solve the problems in their fellowship and to make them mature followers of Jesus Christ. This summary of the Book of James is a perfect supplement to a Bible study or Sunday school lesson.

Key Themes in Your Book of James Bible Study

  • Tame the tongue.
  • Deal with temptation.
  • Develop perseverance.
  • Depend on God-given spiritual gifts.
  • Back up faith with good works.
  • Foster humility, not hypocrisy.
  • Desire maturity and wisdom.
  • Resist evil.
  • Rely on prayer.

"All who are long on theory and short on practice ought to steep themselves in the spirit of James. And since there are such people in every community and every age, the message of this letter will never grow's so important for us, even as a complement and a follow up to our study of the free grace of study God's word to us through his servant James." —J.L. Duncan

Diving deeper into these 9 areas changes the way you speak and act, drawing friends, loved ones, and even strangers closer to Christ through your behavior. But more importantly, applying these nine actions from The Book of James to your life will revolutionize your personal walk with God.

Grow your Christian walk not next week, not tomorrow, but today by studying The Book of James.

ISBN: 9781628622485

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