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Preaching: A Biblical Theology

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Preaching: A Biblical Theology
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Preaching: A Biblical Theology

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Title: Preaching: A Biblical Theology
Publisher: Crossway
Author: John Piper and Jason C. Meyer


The sermon is under attack. Many churches are increasingly forsaking formal preaching in favor of substitutes like dialogue, discussion, and sharing. In response to this recent trend, Jason Meyer has written a robust, biblical, and practical theology of preaching where he explores how the concept of preaching develops throughout the Bible and how it impacts one’s understanding of other key doctrines. In addition to offering readers a comprehensive overview of the Bible’s teaching, the book sets forth clear, accessible answers to commonly-raised questions about preaching: what is it, how is it done, and why is it so important? Combining in-depth study of God’s word with practical reflection on the place of preaching in the ministry of the church, Meyer challenges readers to reexamine the importance of preaching for the Christian life.
ISBN: 9781433519741

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