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How We Got Our Bible

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How We Got Our Bible
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How We Got Our Bible

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: How We Got Our Bible
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Author: W Griffith Thomas


Is the Bible God's Word? Or does it contain God's Word? How much of it is accurate? Can it be trusted? How can one be sure? Who decided which books were to be included? What about the books which were left out? How have archaeological discoveries affected the Bible? These forthright questions—and scores more—are clearly and concisely answered in How We Got Our Bible.

W. Graham Scroggie has said that "the reading of Dr. Thomas' books creates in one a deeper love of and desire for God as revealed in His Word," and this is strikingly ture of this clear and satisfiying marshaling of evidence as to what the Bible is.

In twelve fact-packed chapters, Dr. Thomas ably discusses the structure and history, canonicity, authority, trustworthiness, unity, progressiveness, inspiration, interpretation and purpose of the Bible. Questions conclude each chapter, giving How We Got Our Bible a wide range of usefulness.

ISBN: 9780802488688

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