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Time Out For Coffee

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Time Out For Coffee
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Time Out For Coffee

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Time Out For Coffee
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Author: Jeanette Lockerbie


What busy woman in the working world doesn't welcome a coffee break? That time out for coffee seems to do the trick in helping her get through the pressures of the day. Even more helpful, though, is time out with the Lord. Only He can give us the proper perspective on the day's events, and the resources to handle everything that comes our way.

If you're a woman in the business world, Jeanette Lockerbie has written these short devotional thoughts especially with you in mind. Short and to the point, they deal with the kinds of situations and attitudes you're bound to run into in any office—and they give practical tips on how you can live effectively as a Christian in the office or anywhere.

ISBN: 9780802492920

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