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War in Your Heart

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War in Your Heart
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War in Your Heart

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: War in Your Heart
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Author: Ruth Paxson


The purpose of this book, the last to come from Ruth Paxson, is "to show the biblical pathway of victory through union with Christ by way of the cross and the throne." The heart-hungry Christian will receive with joy this clear exposition of God's provision for victorious living. Those who are experiencing the joy of living completely for God will find this book a delight to recommend and give.

One of the arresting statements made by Paxson is, "I was terrified to see [in a recent Bible study] the relation between personal sin and collective defeat." But she goes on to encourage us: "I was thrilled beyond expression to see also the relation between personal and collective victory." The author presents victory not as an experience which might be regarded as optional, but as the essence of the Christian life, and therefore obligatory.

The publishing of this book is to the end that many souls still in bondage to sin and self may experience victory in Christ.

ISBN: 9780802493262

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