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Mounce's Reverse Interlinear New Testament

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Mounce's Reverse Interlinear New Testament
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Mounce's Reverse Interlinear New Testament

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Mounce's Reverse Interlinear New Testament
Publisher: Olive Tree
Author: William Mounce


Many Christians would love to learn Greek to read the New Testament in its original language, but investing the time or money is impractical for most of us. With Olive Tree's Mounce's English-Greek Reverse Interlinear New Testament you can still use the Greek New Testament to effectively study the Word of God, even with little to no knowledge of Greek!

Easy access to the underlying Greek from an English language perspective is the best tool for quick comprehension and is a hallmark of a reverse interlinear. Read Scripture naturally with the cadence and idioms of English while the underlying transliterated Greek text is immediately below. Tap on the English word to access the fuller meaning in the included Olive Tree Enhanced Strong’s Dictionary. This "reversed" layout allows a fuller understanding of the nuances of translation for a non-Greek reader. It is a natural next step for someone who is familiar with English translations but wants to utilize the original languages of the Bible for more context than a Strong's-tagged resource can provide.

The Mounce's Reverse Interlinear New Testament provides everything you need for word study. You can quickly search and find everywhere an underlying Greek word appears in the New Testament based on its Strong's number.

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