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Highly Favoured

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Highly Favoured
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Highly Favoured

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Highly Favoured
Publisher: Oasis International
Author: Stuart Foster


We all long for healthy and successful families, but this dream often seems out of our reach. We may look to spiritual powers such as diviners, prayer, or church to help us meet our basic needs – from income to health to relationships. Highly Favoured encourages us that the God of the Bible is not unreliable or inaccessible like the spiritual beings in African traditional religions. In the Bible, the all-powerful God deeply desires a relationship with his people. He chooses to have a covenant relationship with his people. We do not have to earn God’s favour. He lays out the terms for blessing and punishment, and he is completely faithful to abide by them. No matter what happens, God’s commitment to his people is unshakeable. If we choose a relationship with God, it is both secure and demanding – and much better than we dared to imagine. We are within his mighty protection and he gives us the power of his Spirit, but we can turn to no other powers besides him. “You will be my people and I will be your God.” This is God’s promise throughout the Bible. This book leads you to discover what this deep truth means for your life, using African proverbs, relatable stories, and familiar illustrations to bring the message home. You will finish this book with a shining confidence in God’s unfailing love for you, a reassurance of his amazing favour, and a fresh passion for his Word.

ISBN: 9781594527623

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