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Analyzed Bible: Matthew to Revelation

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Analyzed Bible: Matthew to Revelation
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Analyzed Bible: Matthew to Revelation

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Analyzed Bible: Matthew to Revelation
Publisher: Olive Tree


G. Campbell Morgan understood clearly from his many years of reading and studying the Word the interrelationship and unity of every section of the Bible. He shared this understanding through the system of Bible study that he presents in the Analyzed Bible. "Telescopic" in nature, Campbell himself was quick to point out that his study focused on connections and structure presented in broad strokes, not on the detail of verses and chapters.

Readers can walk through this soaring panorama of Scripture under Campbell's guidance, gaining overall contextual understanding of each book and how it fits in to the whole. To help with comprehension, each analysis begins with a clearly charted outline, followed by further detail and discussion of the major conceptual divisions contained within that book.

The Analyzed Bible study system lays a solid foundation to understand how the beautiful redemption story of Scripture unfolds. It provides the perfect precursor for later, more detailed study, with the user having gained a deep grasp of the scope, content, context, and outline of the Bible as a whole.

This volume covers the entirety of the New Testament.

George Campbell Morgan (1863 - 1945) pastored Westminster Chapel in London from 1904 to 1919, and again from 1933 to 1943 where he mentored Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who would succeed him in the Westminster pulpit.

Morgan had no formal training for ministry, but his commitment to study and teaching of the Word led to his popularity, with thousands in attendance at his weekly Bible classes. In his many trips from his native England to America, Morgan was invited to lecture at Moody Bible Institute and teach at Biola. In 1902 he was given a Doctor of Divinity degree by the Chicago Theological Seminary.

Morgan was a prolific writer, with many works published both during his lifetime and after his death. His most influential essay, The Purposes of the Incarnation, was included in a collection of works called The Fundamentals which is considered to be the spark of the modern Fundamentalist movement.

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