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1 Samuel as Christian Scripture A Theological Commentary

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1 Samuel as Christian Scripture A Theological Commentary
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1 Samuel as Christian Scripture A Theological Commentary

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Title: 1 Samuel as Christian Scripture A Theological Commentary
Publisher: Eerdmans
Author: Stephen B. Chapman


This work by Stephen Chapman offers a robustly theological and explicitly Christian reading of 1 Samuel. Chapman’s commentary reveals the theological drama at the heart of that biblical book as it probes the tension between civil religion and vital religious faith through the characters of Saul and David.


"Many people talk about theological interpretation of the Old Testament as Christian Scripture, but Stephen Chapman does it — with style and a beautiful pen — and makes it look easy. Rarely have I been so moved, informed, and delighted as I was in reading this book. Chapman's exposition of 1 Samuel as treating the threat that civil religion poses to genuine heart piety, his negotiation of matters historical and literary and theological, and his bibliography (is there anything he hasn't read?) are simply remarkable. And his christological reading of the tragedy of King Saul? Absolutely stunning." — Brent A. Strawn, Emory University

"The account of David's rise to kingship has long been a theme of contemporary biblical scholarship, but the results of recent work have been rather thin on the theological side. This work is a major course correction on that front. Chapman helps the reader ponder anew the theological and literary issues that lay at the heart of Israel's transition to kingship in general and the reign and legacy of David in particular." — Gary A. Anderson, University of Notre Dame

"Stephen Chapman combines his deep knowledge of the scholarly literature and critical issues with lucid sophistication to propose a fresh way ahead. The result is a creative and theologically thought-provoking reading of 1 Samuel. Scholars and preachers alike will find illumination here." — Walter Moberly, Durham University

"Informed by astonishingly wide learning, Chapman has produced a sophisticated theological reading of 1 Samuel that is deeply attuned to the literary dimensions of the text but also responsible to the highest canons of historical-critical scholarship. Scholars, clergy, and lay readers alike will find their reading of 1 Samuel immensely enriched by Chapman's thought-provoking and highly engaging book." — Joel S. Kaminsky, Smith College

Stephen B. Chapman is associate professor of Old Testament at Duke Divinity School, director of graduate studies in religion at Duke University, and an ordained American Baptist minister.

ISBN: 9781467445160

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