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Mark: Everyman's Bible Commentary (EvBC)

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Mark: Everyman's Bible Commentary (EvBC)
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Mark: Everyman's Bible Commentary (EvBC)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Mark: Everyman's Bible Commentary (EvBC)
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Author: Ralph Earle


Author Ralph Earle's commentary provides understanding of the unique attributes of the Gospel of Mark. Action-filled, vivid, and often picturesque in detail, this short Gospel is peppered with words such as "immediately," "straightway," and "forthwith". It dives quickly into the ministry of Jesus with little to no time spent on preceding events. This installment in the Everyman's Bible Commentary will bring understanding and insight to your reading of Mark.

Designed for lay people, the Everyman's Bible Commentary Series deals seriously with biblical texts without being overly technical. Are you interested in the value and convenience of a commentary set? Olive Tree offers a special 42 Volume bundle for the Everyman’s Bible Commentary.

ISBN: 9780802478245

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