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Walvoord Prophecy Commentary Set (4 Vols.)

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Walvoord Prophecy Commentary Set (4 Vols.)
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Walvoord Prophecy Commentary Set (4 Vols.)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Walvoord Prophecy Commentary Set (4 Vols.)
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Author: John F. Walvoord, Charles H. Dyer, Philip E Rawley and Mark Hitchcock


Featuring four commentaries by John F. Walvoord: Daniel, Matthew, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, and Revelation, these volumes in the renewed Walvoord Prophecy Commentary Series stand ready to reach a whole new generation, with Walvoord's characteristic stalwart, engaging writing.

Daniel — The book of Daniel is key to the entire Old Testament prophetic revelation. John F. Walvoord, an expert on biblical prophecy, and Charles Dyer, a Bible professor and expert on Israel, help you understand Daniel's stories, prophecies, and dreams—and give you a brighter hope for things to come.

Matthew — As the first gospel, the book of Matthew is a bridge between the Old Testament and the New. It presents Jesus as the Messiah predicted in the Old Testament, but also as the Savior whose death was necessary for the salvation of mankind. John Walvoord and Charles Dyer unfold Matthew chapter by chapter, explaining Jesus' identity, teachings, miracles, and future return as victorious King.

1 and 2 Thessalonians — In this devotional commentary, experts of biblical prophecy John F. Walvoord and Mark Hitchcock guide you through Paul's exhortation to believers regarding practical matters such as moral purity, disciplined living, church relationships, prayer, and endurance.

Revelation — Who better to help you understand the seals, trumpets, vials, woes, and plagues than two of evangelicalism's most prominent leaders on biblical prophecy, John F. Walvoord and Mark Hitchcock? The two explore the visions, symbolism, and message of Revelation, considering various interpretations and clarifying what is to many a confusing book.

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