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Well: Why Are So Many Still Thirsty?

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Well: Why Are So Many Still Thirsty?
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Well: Why Are So Many Still Thirsty?

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Well: Why Are So Many Still Thirsty?
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Mark Hall, Tim Luke and Adam Black
Narrated by Adam Black
Length: 4 hrs. 30 min.


With a heart for ministry, Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Mark Hall drills right to the heart of the matter by crafting a powerful message around the story of the woman at the well found in the Gospel of John. In The Well, Hall uses stories from his own life and the lives of others to help us understand why even success-filled lives often seem empty and unsatisfying. In a conversational, sometimes humorous tone, the author talks candidly about his lifelong struggle with dyslexia, his success in the music industry, and the adoption of his Chinese daughter. Through it all he illustrates the folly of seeking sustenance in possessions, acclaim, power, even religion—the false "wells" that soon leave us spiritually parched and longing for something satisfying and eternal. Readers of all ages and walks of life will recognize themselves in these well-drawn stories. Believers and non-believers alike will respond to the frank talk about a common dissatisfaction and the need for quenching a pervasive spiritual thirst. Fortunately, Hall is able to direct us purposefully and compassionately to the only true well.

ISBN: 9780310773634

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