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Chonda Pierce on Her Soapbox

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Chonda Pierce on Her Soapbox
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Chonda Pierce on Her Soapbox

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Chonda Pierce on Her Soapbox
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Chonda Pierce
Narrated by Chonda Pierce
Length: 2 hrs. 13 min.


Pet peeves been trailing mud all over your nice, bright outlook? Let Chonda Pierce help you clean up your attitude with a little deep-cleansing, sparkling-fresh humor!

This comedian, singer, and preacher's daughter has a knack for finding merriment in those little things that can drive anyone crazy. Chonda's wacky stories won't just get you laughing so hard you'll forget what was bugging you. They go deeper, illustrating profound spiritual truths. As a Christian, it's easy to assume that life's little sticking points shouldn't aggravate you.

It can be hard to go to God with the "petty" details of your day, because they seem exactly that--petty. But God wants you to share all of your life with him. So when your day and your temper both seem like a set bar of soap--hard to get a grip on--don't work up a lather! Pick up Chonda Pierce on Her Soapbox instead. You'll do more then a get a chuckle that God is deeply interested in everything about you.

ISBN: 9780310260240

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