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Little Black Sheep: A Memoir

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Little Black Sheep: A Memoir

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Little Black Sheep: A Memoir

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Title: Little Black Sheep: A Memoir
Publisher: Oasis Audio, LLC
Author: Ashley Cleveland
Length: 4 hrs. 32 min.


Your deepest pain can be your greatest hope.

This powerful memoir from Grammy Award–winner Ashley Cleveland reminds us that even in the lowest times of our lives, beauty can shine through.

Ashley Cleveland grew up in a Southern family fractured by alcoholism, homosexuality, and the collapse of her parents’ marriage. She knew from the start that she was the “good-for-nothing” black sheep of her divided home, and she quickly learned to play the part.

Yet in her destructive days of drugs, alcohol, and sex, she encountered a forgiving God who was relentlessly faithful. Change did not come quickly. The brokenness did not disappear. But Ashley allowed God to heal her, to transform her desires, to bring courage to others through her journey. Little by little she saw that it was her brokenness itself that God wanted to use.

This beautifully told story will take you from the back rooms of Nashville to the churches of the San Francisco Bay area to a tender new life where one woman discovers that broken places often supply the best things we have to give away.

ISBN: 9781621882763

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