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Celestial Fire: 365 Days with the Holy Spirit

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Celestial Fire: 365 Days with the Holy Spirit
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Celestial Fire: 365 Days with the Holy Spirit

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Celestial Fire: 365 Days with the Holy Spirit
Publisher: Elm Hill
Author: Thomas Nelson and William R Gibson


Do you enjoy a good mystery? When you see something amazing happen do you ever wish you could look past the surface event to the real reason for its occurrence? Does it ever bother you when the reason something is a success, or a failure is kept from you?

What fun is it to never get in on the mystery of how to have peace and joy? To never be told how to supercharge your life? To never understand or experience the behind-the-scenes action.Celestial Fire: 365 Days with the Spirit answers those questions. The book explains many mysteries, answers a multitude of questions, and shows how to live an empowered life.

Gibson does not shy away from the hot explosive texts over which scholars and theologians have wrangled since the beginning. Rather, he opens these Bible verses with care and explains their meaning for believers today. In so doing, many mysteries will be resolved, and the truth will be revealed. The reader will experience the following benefits:

•         An enriching time of connectedness with God each day. •         Knowledge of every Biblical reference concerning the Spirit •         A deeper walk with the Lord•         An energized, faith building Christian life•         A map on how to access the Father’s presence.•         Instruction on how to walk and worship in the Spirit•         Teaching on how to bring heaven‘s atmosphere to earth‘s troubles

The cumulative effect of studying every Spirit reference from Genesis to Revelation is powerful. Each citation comes with a suggested Biblical reading, an explanation of the verse, and an application to daily life. A wide range of subjects—from the arts to the anointing—takes the reader to places they would not otherwise travel. These daily inspirations will increase a person’s knowledge and understanding of the Third Person of the Trinity and deepen their walk with Christ. This potent treatise will resonate with everyone serious about living a dynamic life transformed by heaven‘s fire.

Not only will these inspirational insights energize but they will also impact one’s life. The Holy Spirit is still the rushing mighty wind and the fire from above causing wondrous things to happen in our world today. Discover the real power behind Christianity and the explosive growth of the Church around the world. The Third Person of the Godhead so long neglected is now celebrated—each devotion features a particular aspect of the person and work of the Spirit.

This devotional goes far beyond developing the reader’s spiritual life—it examines, exegetes, and interprets 365 Biblical references and applies them to today. These informative bursts of inspiration are indispensable for small group Bible studies, ministry preparation, and even sermon material. Celestial Fire: 365 Days with the Holy Spirit is a must read for anyone interested in learning more about the Holy Spirit. The work is a virtual course in Pneumatology. Get ready to embark on a yearlong life-changing journey and enjoy an enriching time with God every day. Now, scroll to the top of this page, buy the book, and start immediately.

ISBN: 9781595558022

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