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NKJV Study Bible Full Color, 3rd Edition

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NKJV Study Bible Full Color, 3rd Edition
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NKJV Study Bible Full Color, 3rd Edition

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: NKJV Study Bible Full Color, 3rd Edition
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


The third edition of the NKJV Study Bible contains thoughtful features that move your study deeper into the Biblical narrative. Emphasizing the interrelatedness of all Scripture, this study Bible’s special features include timelines, cross-references, articles, and book introductions - all pointing to the Bible as a single account of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

These multilayered study tools, combined with the accuracy and clarity of the New King James Version, make this Bible a perfect choice to help you understand and deeply engage with all Scripture.

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Over 15,000 study notes are included with this study Bible, translating scholarly information into every day, understandable English. They offer helpful explanations, theological insights, and suggestions for other places to direct your study. Embedded within these notes are 350 word studies that provide access to important terms from the original biblical languages - their context, meaning and Biblical usage. These articles are available as you read along in the study notes, but the full list of word studies is also linked from each individual entry, making it easy to review all of them in a single location.


Understanding the geography of places mentioned in the Bible brings context and insight to our reading. The NKJV Study Bible includes 69 context-specific maps that are embedded in the study notes along with general maps - all in full color! All the maps are easily accessed through the resource guide, where you can tap and view them without losing your place.


Cross-references truly bring the interconnectedness of Scripture to light. Through the resource guide you can quickly access a cross-reference without ever leaving your place in the Bible. You can also access the NKJV cross-references in a pop-up window from the superscript reference letter in the Bible text.


Charts and diagrams offer the perfect way to summarize and simplify complex information. The NKJV Study Bible includes more than 80 charts and diagrams, easily accessed via the resource guide when they apply to the Scripture that you are reading. Bring visual clarity to your understanding of the current passage, along with its relationship to other information or Scripture.


Outlines help us see how our reading fits in with the bigger picture of the book as a whole. You can quickly pull up the NKJV Study Bible outlines via the resource guide, even while you remain in the text, and quickly understand how the theological themes of the book are developed or how the narrative unfolds, and how your current passage fits into that larger picture.


The introduction to each Bible book provides information about the background, authorship, circumstances, and the principal message of the book along with an explanation of how Jesus is revealed through it. A timeline provides the chronological sequence of important events before, during and after the events of that book. Taken together all these features can bring context on the larger story of the entire Bible. Using the Study Center, pull up the introduction and timeline information at any point in your Bible reading to provide more background and understanding about the narrative, all without ever leaving your place in the reading.

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