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Devil in the Back Pew

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Devil in the Back Pew
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Devil in the Back Pew

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Devil in the Back Pew
Publisher: Elm Hill
Author: Thomas Nelson and Joe Kovalcik


The Devil in the Back Pew is a simple manual bringing to light the need for, and methods of, personal spiritual warfare and deliverance. The motivation for this book is rooted in the experience and observation of the author: far too few understand the extent of the enemy’s works or know how to deal with them if they do. The devil is pursuing everyone . . . and he does not give up!

Explained are the Biblical foundations of the dark spirit realm, and how this can be discerned and dealt with. The various types of enemy harassment are explored in depth, and methods to overcome barriers to victory (the prerequisites for success) are discussed in detail. Importantly, these techniques are applicable to all types of dark spiritual incursions, from simple temptation to significant demonization.

The many issues and topics relevant to effectively confronting the enemy are fully explored. And Biblically-sound solutions are offered. Learn how to exercise your God-given authority and drive the prince of darkness away!

ISBN: 9781400303106

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