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Opening Up Galatians - OUB

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Opening Up Galatians - OUB
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Opening Up Galatians - OUB

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Opening Up Galatians - OUB
Publisher: Day One
Author: David Campbell


God overrules for good the activities of those who teach false doctrine. In the days of the apostles, for example, we see these activities being overruled to the production of some of our foundational New Testament documents. Galatians is the prime example. The heresy it combats is, in its essence, widespread, and because of that, the letter is no less necessary now than it was 2,000 years ago. It gives us a very clear answer to that most vital of questions: How, as sinners, can we come to be right with the God against whom we have sinned? Nor does it leave it off before it has answered the related and no less important question: How, having become right with God, are we to progress in our Christian lives?

Although the Bible can seem incomprehensible, the Opening Up the Bible series is designed to provide a basic grounding and introduction to the individual books within it. These simple (but not simplistic) tools will help individuals and small groups understand God’s Word, no matter what background or knowledge they already have.

Each volume takes you section-by-section through the covered book, opening up God's word with wisdom, insight, and practical application. Additionally, the "For Further Study" points at the end of a section provide guidance to other areas of scripture that further illuminate the lesson, and the "To Think About and Discuss" section provides thought-provoking questions that can be used by both individuals and groups to gain understanding and apply the subject matter to life today.

David Campbell was born and raised in Scotland and was converted to Christ as a child. During his bachelor’s degree at Glasgow University he felt a call to the gospel ministry and subsequently spent four years studying at the Free Church of Scotland College in Edinburgh. After being the pastor of the Geneva Road Evangelical Baptist Church in Darlington, England, he began his ministry in Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Mairi, have two daughters, Megan and Caitriona. David is also author of Day One’s Travel with John Knox.

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