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Chosen by God

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Chosen by God
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Audio Book

Chosen by God

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Chosen by God
Publisher: christianaudio
Author: R. C. Sproul
Length: 6 hrs. 7 min.


With nearly 200,000 copies sold in its 25 years, Chosen by God by Dr. R. C. Sproul is a contemporary classic on predestination, a doctrine that isn't just for Calvinists, says Sproul. It is a doctrine for all biblical Christians. In this updated and expanded edition of Chosen by God, Sproul shows that the doctrine of predestination doesn't create a whimsical or spiteful picture of God, but paints a portrait of a loving God who provides redemption for radically corrupt humans. We choose God because he has opened our eyes to see his beauty; we love him because he first loved us. There is mystery in God's ways, but not contradiction.

ISBN: 9781683667032

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