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Gospel Assurance and Warnings

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Gospel Assurance and Warnings
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Audio Book

Gospel Assurance and Warnings

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Gospel Assurance and Warnings
Publisher: christianaudio
Author: Paul Washer
Length: 9 hrs. 1 min.


It should come as no surprise that misunderstandings about the gospel message and the nature of true conversion result in a problem with genuine assurance of salvation. A pseudo-gospel of easy believism has led many into careless presumption, and a poor understanding of salvation has abandoned tender consciences to near spiritual despair. In Gospel Assurance and Warnings, Paul Washer shines the light of gospel hope as he cautions against the dangers of making an empty profession of faith and carefully explains from Scripture the basis for establishing and maintaining a sound assurance of faith.

ISBN: 9781633897373

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