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The Ishbane Conspiracy

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The Ishbane Conspiracy
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Audio Book

The Ishbane Conspiracy

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: The Ishbane Conspiracy
Publisher: christianaudio
Author: Randy Alcorn, Angela Alcorn and Karina Alcorn
Length: 6 hrs. 29 min.


Jillian is picture-perfect on the outside, but terrified of getting hurt on the inside. Brittany is a tough girl who trusts almost no one. Ian is a successful athlete who dabbles in the occult. And Rob is a former gang-banger who struggles with guilt, pain, and a newfound faith in God. These four college students will face the ultimate battle between good and evil in a single year. As spiritual warfare rages around them, a dramatic demonic correspondence takes place. Readers can eavesdrop on the enemy, and learn to stave off their own defeat, by reading The Ishbane Conspiracy.

ISBN: 9781633891319

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