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Job 2.0: God and Lucifer battle again for a single soul

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Job 2.0: God and Lucifer battle again for a single soul
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Job 2.0: God and Lucifer battle again for a single soul

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Job 2.0: God and Lucifer battle again for a single soul
Publisher: Elm Hill
Author: Del Staecker


God and Lucifer are at it again! More than three millennia after their first contest, the creator of the Universe and his highest errant minion are struggling once again over the fate of a single soul. For this battle the center of their attention is not God’s most favored servant. Rather it is an everyday person. What could this rematch mean for human kind when a nobody is in Lucifer’s crosshairs? More importantly, what does it mean for you?

JOB 2.0 is an updated retelling of JOB, the oldest book in the Bible. It takes place in modern times, using every-day language and ordinary life situations. Lucifer challenges God to another test of one of God’s faithful. Lucifer chooses Jake (Jacob Osborne Brown, Junior, or JOB II), who loses everything in the course of the challenge. To rid himself of his old life and the values it reflected, Jake has a yard sale, during which his neighbors and friends stop by to provide their insights into why his life fell apart. Through seven conversations, and interjections from God and Lucifer, the characters share insights into the nature of God, the definition of evil, an explanation of sin, the role of choice in one’s life, the recognition of individual responsibility, the sovereignty of God, the importance of faith, the power of prayer, the comfort of faith, and the search for spiritual truth.

In the last conversation, Jake has the opportunity to ask God all the questions he wants answered. God provides the understanding Jake seeks, explaining the relationship between God and humans, our purpose, the nature of love, the importance of repentance, and finally, (re)unification with Himself.

JOB 2.0 explains our relationship with God in a truly humorous manner yet is not preachy. Instead, it encourages self-examination and rigorous thought while being utterly entertaining. It is perfect for young adults as well as mature readers; it is appropriate for unchurched as well as churched populations; it is perfect for those seeking meaning in their lives as well as those who have defined their spiritual life. It is perfect for gift-giving anytime, but especially for coming-of-age and other life-stage moments, as well as during traditional gift-giving holidays.

One reader described it as, “Funny, yet deep and serious. The relationship between God, Job and Lucifer are pure imagination and done so well.” Another reader said, “I love how it manages to offer fresh illumination with Lucifer challenging God and Logic in every conceivable way until we are left to get to the heart of IT ALL. This is great, and a pleasure to read!”

ISBN: 9780310107590

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