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Romans (NIVAC) Text & Audio Lecture Collection

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Romans (NIVAC) Text & Audio Lecture Collection
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Romans (NIVAC) Text & Audio Lecture Collection

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Romans (NIVAC) Text & Audio Lecture Collection
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Douglas J. Moo
Narrated by Douglas J. Moo


The idea of absolute truth has largely disappeared from our culture. But God’s truth does not fade, and His claims on our lives must stand out in the midst of postmodernism. The church in Rome needed this message just as we do today—the message of who God is, and what He’s done for us through His sacrifice on the cross. By growing in our understanding of the character of God, it is inevitable that we must in turn examine ourselves and start living our faith.

Learn about the Romans audio lectures and listen to an excerpt:


In this special Olive Tree collection not only can you read the Romans NIVAC volume, but you can also listen to author Douglas Moo's lectures on Romans 1-7 and Romans 8 - 16 supplementing and augmenting the text.

In the volume text, Douglas Moo provides detailed notes on Romans before finally addressing shared issues from Paul’s time and ours. He goes in depth on every paragraph, striving to reveal the true significance of Paul’s writings. Moo concludes his commentary with a section on applying Romans' original meaning to our everyday lives. These engaging and challenging lessons help bring the meaning of Paul's great letter into the twenty-first century. As he works his way through Romans passage-by-passage, Moo comments on the text itself and then explores issues in Paul's culture and in ours that help us understand the meaning of each passage. Romans 1-16: Audio Lectures offer you the chance to learn about one of the Bible's most important books from one of today's premier New Testament scholars.

The NIV Application Commentary uses a highly accessible, three-tiered method of bringing readers to a fuller understanding of each Biblical book. Original Meaning will explore a book’s meaning in light of its historical and cultural context. Bridging Contexts, as its name implies, will help the reader link the text’s original meaning to its Contemporary Significance—the final tier that helps you apply the Bible to everyday life. The accompanying Romans 1-7: Audio Lectures is part of the Zondervan Biblical and Theological Lectures series, which is dedicated to bringing expert teaching from world's best biblical scholars and theologians directly to interested learners.

For more information on the products in this collection, see the links below:
Romans: NIV Application Commentary (NIVAC)
Romans 1-7: Audio Lectures
Romans 8-16: Audio Lectures

Douglas J. Moo (PhD, University of St. Andrews) is the Kenneth T. Wessner Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College. His work centers on understanding the text of the New Testament and its application today. He has written extensively in several commentary series, including the NIV Application Commentary, Pillar Commentary, Tyndale New Testament Commentary, and the New International Commentary on the New Testament.

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