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Privilege, Risk, and Solidarity

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Privilege, Risk, and Solidarity
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Privilege, Risk, and Solidarity

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Privilege, Risk, and Solidarity
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Author: Libby Mae Grammer


The issue of undocumented immigration cannot be described as either a problem or a possibility in the current political climate--it simply is a reality, and how individual Christians and churches respond to it relies heavily on their theological understanding of what it means to be an immigrant and what it means to be privileged. Taking a combined approach of scriptural exegesis and feminist theology and ethics, this book provides new ways to approach the pressing ethical issue of undocumented immigration. Rich in immigration law and history, along with purposeful looks into the work of feminist scholarship and the stories of immigrants themselves, this book asks hard questions of those with privilege about taking risks to stand in solidarity with some of the most marginalized in U.S. society--our undocumented immigrant neighbors.
ISBN: 9781532606830

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