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Transformative Worship

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Transformative Worship
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Transformative Worship

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Transformative Worship
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Author: Laurene Beth Bowers


When people felt obligated to attend worship, as in 1955, it didn't matter whether or not their religious needs were being met. But since our culture has shifted to giving people a choice, they are seeking something meaningful during worship; something which helps them to change their lives. In the church, we talk a lot about "changing people's lives" but we do not articulate what it is that the church has to offer to those seeking to do so. The author explores what happens during worship to provide a transformative experience and identifies which forms of worship are most conducive to this process. The focus here is on small groups, bible study, and forms of interaction between and among leaders and worshippers. For pastors and leaders discerning what forms of worship to experiment with in order to connect with seekers in their community and bring visitors back a second Sunday, this book offers easy to implement, practical ideas for church growth.
ISBN: 9781532606076

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