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Models of Premillennialism

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Models of Premillennialism
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Models of Premillennialism

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Title: Models of Premillennialism
Publisher: Cascade Books
Author: David L. Mathewson and Sung Wook Chung


The meaning of "the millennium"--the thousand-year reign of Christ spoken of in Revelation 20--has been controversial for much of the church's history, and even the main perspectives on the matter turn out to be more variegated than is often realized. This book takes the oldest of those options, premillennialism, and offers an excellent introduction to a variety of models of premillennialism currently available, including classical dispensationalism, progressive dispensationalism, historic premillennialism, thematic premillennialism, and historic premillennialism in Asian context. The product of collaboration between a systematic theologian and a New Testament scholar, this book provides a fascinating reference tool for anyone interested in what Scripture teaches about the last things of redemptive history, the Parousia, and the millennial kingdom.
ISBN: 9781532637711

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