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New Creation

For the Olive Tree Bible App

New Creation
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New Creation

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: New Creation
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Author: Rodney Clapp


New Creation introduces readers to the thrilling, biblically-based vision of a whole world created by and to be redeemed by God. Written at an eminently accessible level, it shows how endings (or eschatologies) animate our lives. It rehearses the biblical story from an eschatological angle, emphasizing that Christian eschatology entails a politics. It then delves into how eschatology affects the priesthood of all believers, peace-making, prayer, and creation (including the rocks and trees, dogs and bees, and maybe even sex). With a light hand, it provides biblical cultural background where needed. Throughout, it connects theological groundings to present-day life, Christian discipleship, and contemporary issues. Here is a view of eschatology that bypasses escapist Rapture theology and puts forward a robust, exciting life now and in the age to come, very different from New Yorker cartoons featuring the afterlife as a bland, boring affair of strumming harps on clouds.
ISBN: 9781532639661

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