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Word Biblical Themes (15 Vols.)

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Word Biblical Themes (15 Vols.)
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Word Biblical Themes (15 Vols.)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Word Biblical Themes (15 Vols.)
Publisher: Zondervan


A companion series to the acclaimed Word Biblical Commentary.

Finding the great themes of the books of the Bible is essential to the study of God's Word and to the preaching and teaching of its truths. These themes and ideas are often like precious gems: they lie beneath the surface and can only be discovered with some difficulty. While commentaries are useful for helping readers understand the content of a verse or chapter, they are not usually designed to help the reader to trace important subjects systematically within a given book of Scripture.

The Word Biblical Themes series helps readers discover the important themes of a book of the Bible. This series distills the theological essence of a given book of Scripture and serves it up in ways that enrich the preaching, teaching, worship, and discipleship of God's people.


  • Written by top biblical scholars
  • Features authors from the Word Biblical Commentary series
  • Distills deep and focused study into the most important themes and practical applications of them
  • Gives readers an ability to see the "big picture" of a book of the Bible by understanding what topics and concerns were most important to the biblical writers
  • Helps address pressing issues in the church today by showing readers see how the biblical writers approached similar issues in their day
  • Ideal for sermon preparation and for other teaching in the church

Volumes in the Word Biblical Themes: 15-Volume Set include:

  • Exodus by John I. Durham
  • Joshua by Trent C. Butler
  • 1 and 2 Kings by T. R. Hobbs
  • 1 and 2 Chronicles by Roddy L. Braun
  • Psalms by Leslie C. Allen
  • Isaiah by John D. W. Watts
  • Daniel by John Goldingay
  • Hosea-Jonah by Douglas Stuart
  • Micah-Malachi by Ralph L. Smith
  • John by George R. Beasley-Murray
  • 1 and 2 Corinthians by Ralph P. Martin
  • Philippians by Gerald F. Hawthorne
  • 1 and 2 Thessalonians by Leon Morris
  • 1 Peter by J. Ramsey Michaels
  • 2 Peter and Jude by Richard J. Bauckham

Word Biblical Themes are an ideal resource for any reader who has used and benefited from the Word Biblical Commentary series, and will help pastors, Bible teachers, and students as they seek to understand and apply God's word to their ministry and learning.

ISBN: 9780310119555

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